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Our clients hire us to help turn their young leaders, ages 16-25, into problem solving, profit generating INtraprenuers! Whether you qualify as a non-profit organization looking to rally the troops & increase your donations, a small to medium sized business looking to inspire creativity & increase revenue or even a college campus looking to offer your alma mater something to make you stand out even more in the market place. We teach them how to intraprenuer like a boss and how to position themselves to be able to generate more revenue like a BOSS!!! 


"To truly INtraprenuer like a boss and get paid like one-- is to use simple strategies to generate more money/clients **or** save money and or time for their company & we can show them how!!

"We teach 16-25 year olds who are unemployed or underemployedhow to Intraprenuer like a boss & get paid!!!

When our young adults are employed and succeeding,
 we all succeed together and  our communities have a stronger social & economic outlook!"

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Where do they stand?

Are your young adults ready for the interview & do they know how to interview like a boss and get paid like one?

Do they have a problem solving process in place to position themselves like a boss?

Do they know how to answer the dreaded question: "Why should we hire you?"

Do they struggle with self image barriers that keep them from seeing themselves like the leaders they were created to be?

If they can't answer these and other critical questions with confidence, we can help!

We empower young adults with the confidence and skills they need to INtraprenuer like a Boss and get $Paid$!

    Who we serve...

    *Church Youth Groups
    *Non Profits
    *Youth Organizations
    *Small & Medium Sized Businesses

     Successful Enterprises offers a truly powerful & transformational training experience!

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    Serving the Dallas /Ft Worth Area


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