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Money Making Move CD & Worksheet

What's Your Money Making Move?This powerful step by step CD helps you to “specifically identify” the value you bring to any employer and what type of problem you solve by asking you 11 strategically targeted questions. 

This will help you with employers when they ask you questions like; 

“Why should we hire you?” and other critical interview questions! 

Knowing what your Money Making Move is will also enable you to more strategically identify what type of jobs that will be truly suited for your specific skill set & will help you with interviewers aka employment gatekeepers when applying for the job of your dreams!


INtrapreneur like a B.O.S.S. & get $PAID$ SuperPack!Intrapreneur like a BOSS & get $PAID$ SuperPack!!

If your mind goes blank during the question and answer phase of the interview, if you don’t have a plan of action for

asking the “right kind” of questions during an interview-the superpack is just what you need to get your creativity flowing for interview success plus much more!! 

This loaded, content packed, powerful package comes with 3 power-packed cd’s that you can read along with to truly put you in a position of power during the interview process!   

Package includes the coveted Module 3- Interview like a B.O.S.S & get $PAID$, the powerful Money Making Move  CD & worksheet plus  strategic bonus material from Modules 1 & 2!!

$199.00 (A $250 Value!!!)


Modules 1 & 2
People Relations, Communications & Professionalism like a B.O.S.S.
Game, Set--Mindset!Modules 1 & 2
People Relations, Communications & Professionalism like a B.O.S.S.
Game, Set--Mindset!

In these two modules Successful deals with key mindset issues that can

plague those of you who sometimes struggle with how to find your own unique identity in the workplace & helps you to successfully navigate relationship building & communication skills for true confidence & workplace success!

Next she deals with other key mindset issues that make employers cringe on a day to day basis! Some of which are: confidence, customer service, knowing your business, organization, emotion management and much more!! These two modules alone will give anyone needing a quick launch in people relations and communications an enormous leap  forward!

Package includes 4 power-packed cd's  that you can read along with and comes complete with exercises that can be done alone, plus games & role plays for group training!

You also receive the coveted Bonus Module 3 - Interview like a B.O.S.S. & get $PAID$ CD!!! 

If you struggle with the interviewing process or get
nervous during interviews, this bonus model will put you in a position of power!  

This powerful CD will walk you through the interview & comes complete with sections on how to “communicate your value”, how to answer challenging interview questions, how to “interview the interviewer” & much more!

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