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Who We Are....

Successful Stephens is the creator & author of, INtrapreneur like a BOSS & get $PAID$ - Training!

If you oversee  young adults between the ages of 16 & 25, she shows them how to maximize their earning/revenue generating potential "faster" -with or without a degree!!!

"Who am I?"

I'm a Texas native, born and raised! As a youth I was constantly bullied because of my size and stature. I also had low self-esteem & I was incredibly insecure! 

To make things worse, I hated having the name "Successful" because I couldn't see anything in my life that defined what I thought was success. When people would ask me my name the first thing they wanted to know was, "are you successful?". I knew what they meant and I hated it because I was broke and broken!

That all changed when I entered the workforce because all people want to know now is,  "Can you bring value?"! That I can handle!! It took time, making mistakes & cultivation but I learned that I have a unique gift and that is I'm able to greatly monetize any position I hold because I know what problem I solve & how I solve it!!

INtrapreneur like a BOSS & get $PAID$ is all about helping young adults to see themselves like the true leaders they were created to be by teaching them to think like business owners and how to position themselves to be problem solvers for more income earning potential-for their employers and in doing so, for themselves also!

This can be accomplished with or without a degree!

Successful Enterprises, LLC  was started in 2011 by Chief Trainer, Professional Speaker and Author, Successful Stephens, who has served well over a decade in Corporate America.  Over the years, her own personal growth and development, work experience, business trainings & seminars, have all helped to develop her knowledge and expertise.  Successful has made her mistakes and learned from them, so she knows what it takes to get you paid!

She carries to her credit certifications in both, Effective Business Writing & Communications  and also Verbal & Nonverbal Communication in Business.
Successful Enterprises is of the belief that our customers are our partners in success!
 Teaching INtrapreneurial skills to our young adults sets them up for success in every area- both in business and in life! 



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